I’m Henri. I am a weird old comic-fan and geek who dabbles in (animated) comics, (3D)graphics, Raspberry Pi, Linux and WordPress and i decided to become my website. I’m a licensed AutoCAD-drawer trying to become an animated comic character which is not going to be a painless process – gots to loose all that x-decimals precision and stick to the shapes, shadows, motions, effects and storyline. I’m a wizard with Raspberry Pi and Linux desktop and a lot of Open Source Software which i aim to use for the production of motion comics and 2D images animated in 3D in Blender.

This is VeryMetal.nl, a site about (animated) comics and graphics and hardware-geeking. Its name is inspired by Heavy Metal Magazine and Vivian from “The Young Ones“. It started in Dutch but i’d rather aim for international audiences.