Linux MiniPC

My ‘adventures’ with the Orange Pi MiniPC turned into something of a debacle. I was hell-bent on getting the things to work with Armbian Linux. Now i just do not care any more wether it’s Xunlong or Google or Armbian’s fault that my chromium and desktop keep crashing – i just want a stable MiniPC with enough power and a graphic card for 3D purposes (Blender and MakeHuman), when i’m in graphic design mode i’m really not into debugging, i’ll even buy this windows 10 machine to be able to noiselessly use my bought Adobe Suite if i have to : Intel Atom x5-Z8350 .

But i’m not through with the whole desktop-developer on Linux Minipc yet: bought this MiniPC @ 2Ghz processor, 4Gig memory and 64Gig (!) SSD for E 45,-: H96Max X2. AmLogic is an American company, i’ll give it a shot with this manual: . Two things are bothering me: the same crappy English used in the manual as is used in the Aliexpress advertising and i bought an American MiniPC with a Russian sounding graphic card: ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU.


If i get Armbian to roll on it i’ll let you know. If it does not, next project’s going to be a DietPi Odroid N2: